Firefly Games is unveiling DreamWorks Universe of Legends, which attracts several amusement franchises into one cellular game. You Can Now play with DreamWorks characters in Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, and much more.

Los Angeles-based Firefly Games and entertainment firm Riva Group have created an activity role-playing game with over 40 heroes and villains out of DreamWorks animated movies. It’s available on iOS and Android.

DreamWorks possessions have touched the hearts and heads of countless fans around the globe,” explained Paul Riva, ” the chairman of the Riva Group, in a statement. “Firefly Games — using their capacity to reach a really international audience with their existence in the U.S. and China makes for the best companion to make and discuss this unified DreamWorks gaming experience.”

The development studio made DreamWorks Universe of Legends with Western and Eastern markets in your mind. The blend of iconic DreamWorks personalities could be attractive on a worldwide basis, the firms think.

“We are really honored to have the chance to bring a number of worlds of DreamWorks into a grand and one of a kind experience,” explained Michael Zhang, CEO of Firefly Games, in a declaration. “We’re excited to deliver exciting new content to DreamWorks lovers and players alike.”

The sport has recognizable DreamWorks worlds, like the Valley of Peace out of Kung Fu Panda, the Isle of Berk out of How to Train Your Dragon, the Swamp from Shrek. The films represented at the sport include Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek, Madagascar, The Croods, Penguins of Madagascar, Megamind,
Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Rise of the Guardians, Turbo, Monsters vs Aliens, Bee Movie, and Shark Tale.

It’s a real-time strategic party-based battle, upgradable equipment, and lively abilities. It’s both single-player and player-versus-player manners.

Plus it includes DreamWorks Hideaway, a heart using a customizable foundation where gamers can discover new quests, level-up their legends, manage resources, and conversation with other players.

Firefly Games was set in January 2015 by Zhang and KJ Lin. Its previous games comprised Rush of Heroes and Dungeon Crash. The Riva Group is a design and development studio with offices across the globe.

Firefly has 35 employees, including 20 at Los Angeles. It’s raised $18 million in just two rounds, it had been valued at greater than $100 million in its latest round. Its focus is on producing mid-core games, or the ones which are hardcore in character with short play sessions for mobile devices.

The Riva Group is an entertainment company that has worked with an assortment of studios on location-based amusement parks, sport licensing, VR, and other websites.