I Expect You to Die has already trapped players at a submarine, compelled them to push a vehicle off a plane, and tasked them with neutralizing a supervirus as part of its digital reality escape-room activity. Now, programmer Schell Games introduced the brand new First Class degree. It is a free download provided that gamers possess the entire game, which will be offered at a discounted cost of $20 (down from $25) to the remainder of the month. It may be performed around the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR.

Much like previous amounts, you play a key agent — one who is taking a well-deserved holiday after foiling the plots of their wicked corporation Zoraxis. You end up on a luxurious train in the hills of northern India, but of course things do not stay relaxing for extended and you soon end up in yet another life-or-death conundrum.

Schell’s design manager Shawn Patton claims that they have always wanted to make a train degree, but it did not make sense in that time for the heart game.

“Then, talking the new degree in April 2017, Matt Mahon, our vice president of technology, proposed holiday gone wrong and the staff enjoyed that angle,” said Patton within an email to GamesBeat. “Then we began talking about the Orient Express and the remainder of the notion gleaned out there.”

First Class is the initial DLC accessible for I Expect You to Die, which received favorable coverage because of its mechanisms but also criticism because of the own length. The first game has just four degrees, though that did not prevent it from being a breakout hit and generating more than $1 million in earnings. Including a single degree might seem odd to get a conventional match, but VR programmers will need to understand what works and what does not when it comes to development and what gamers need in this new medium.

Patton states that they’re receptive to generating more content to the game besides First Class.

“I Expect You to Die is a wealthy IP for us,” said Patton. “We like working on it and surely would love to enlarge it. We’ve got some exciting ideas for things aside from simply levels, but additional development on the game actually depends upon how much continuing fan support we get.”

Creating First Class led to a special design challenges. In the beginning, Patton says that the Schell attempted a couple of prototypes that had the participant on a moving train. But this led in VR motion sickness, so that it ended up nixing the idea and deciding to proceed with a static surroundings rather.

Unlike previous amounts, First Class also presents nonplayable characters for your very first time.

“We actually wanted to create the world feel much more alive, as there were more folks in the entire world than you personally,” said Patton. “Having a telephone where you could eavesdrop on other discussions felt real, like a thing a spy could do. The characters you meet in the degree grew from this notion. And, we did it all with no character modeler, rigger, or animator!”

Since First Class happens on a passenger train — together with civilians about — which also supposed that Schell had to forego some of those elaborate death traps against the additional degrees.

“This was an issue since we had to figure out exciting and different ways to kill the player,” said Schell job manager John Kolencheryl. “As a consequence, we needed to design the amount with more outside dangers compared to conventional ‘room ends against you’ plots we had used previously. This significant difference at the new degree wasn’t some thing we understood from the get go, but immediately became evident as we began designing the amount, and finally, made it a more powerful degree.”