South Park: The Stick of Truth has been among the best licensed games I’ve ever playedwith. The turn-based role-playing experience aptly captures the humor and look of the animation. I can say the exact same for its own sequel, The Fractured however Whole, that arrives on October 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. I played the game in my PlayStation 4 Pro.

However, this superhero-themed follow-up is not only a rerun. Ubisoft has included some welcome sophistication to South Park’s conflicts which produce The Fractured however Whole a more gratifying game.

What you will like
Playing the series

If you are a lover of South Park, just like I am, you will enjoy having another chance to perform through an interactive event. That is exactly what The Fractured however Whole is. It seems exactly like the animation. It’s the exact same writing touches and primitive (but hilarious) jokes.

And that sense is not just restricted to cutscenes. Funny minutes, testimonials, and call-backs may occur at any moment, even during conflicts or when you are collecting hidden items throughout the city (such as the nostalgia-loving manhood berries or even the high-brow Japanese art form of Yaoi).

The enhanced battle

The Stick of Truth had that entire “replicate the series” thing about this, too. However, its battle is somewhat straightforward: turn-based substance with timed-button inputs which helped to deal additional damage or block enemy strikes. You’ve only 1 buddy fighting alongside you in a moment, but you might alter them out for a different through battle.

The Fractured however Whole is much more complicated. Fights occur onto a grid, so that you have to organize your forces’ motion. Placement things for planning your strikes (that arrive in a great deal of types that fire at a lot of different instructions) and preventing enemy moves. In addition you have four personalities out in a moment.

It’s a good deal more going over The Stick of Truth did, and it makes for much more interesting struggles. You do not feel as though you’re on autopilot, and the Fractured however Whole retains introducing new personalities, skills, and moves which give you more choices in battle.

Playing superhero

The Stick of Truth gets the children playing wizards and warriors using a make-believe dream match. Today the South Park children trade in their crowns and swords for tights and lasers. The superhero motif contrasts nicely to South Park’s gambling requirements, providing (mostly) regular children access to forces which make combat interesting.

In addition, it is a excellent source of comedy. Fans of the series will realize these alter egos in South Park’s superhero episodes. This time, the children have divided into two distinct teams following a struggle over the film and TV intends to their billion dollar media franchise. I am not saying that I’m over enjoying a superhero film anymore, but it’s great to see Marvel and DC be the butt of numerous jokes.

You play as the exact same new child personality from The Stick of Truth. You have considerably more space to personalize yourself in this match. Apart from picking the expression of your child, you have to choose your abilities and your own costume. You do not have many clothes options initially, but you find additional outfits as you explore the town. Trying on various mixtures of super hero clothing is nearly as much fun as combating all of the sixth graders and hobos that attempt to kill you.

What you won’t enjoy
The novelty is not as publication

I have mentioned how The Fractured but Whole feels exactly like a episode of this series. And I’ve also stated that its predecessor, The Stick of all Truth, did exactly the same. It is still remarkable, but a number of the wow factor is now gone.

This is also true for the city itself. I forgave a number of The Stick of Truth’s simple battle since it was so cool to get to walk round an electronic South Park. You can do this again at The Fractured however Whole, but you’re doing it … well, again.

Boring puzzles

As your researching, you are going to encounter certain locations or items which you can not reach. By playing through the primary effort, you’re get new abilities which could allow you to clear challenges and solve puzzles. You may fart in a child’s face to provide him momentary super-strength so that he can knock out a heavy item over.

These solutions are smart the first time, but you are going to be using these skills a lot. I am not even positive if it’s possible to call them puzzles. You will walk into a room and see that a giant thing obstructing your path. Or you will see a breeze enthusiast, suggesting you could use a different child’s Fartkour (it is parkour but with farting) to achieve a high location. You are doing such things a whole lot, and every time you need to watch the very same animations and listen to the exact same voice lines. It becomes dull.

Some puzzles become more interesting once you utilize your time-warping fart abilities (yes, farting is a large motif), but the majority of them only have you with your contextual buddy abilities.


The Fractured however Whole does not feel as fresh as The Stick of Truth, that is the curse of several sequels. However, South Park is this type of spunky and imaginative show that it can certainly support more matches, and the protagonist motif is a superb fit.

Nevertheless, the grid-based battle adds to the layer of sophistication that The Fractured but Whole should stick out from its excellent predecessor. You will still have to be a fan of this series to find the most of the. However, if you’re a South Park aficionado, The Fractured however Whole is just another hilarious and enjoyable game that captures the soul of string.