In 2010, EXOR Studios’ X-Morph: Defense was still only a prototype, and it turned out to be a twin-stick shot. There was something missing, nonetheless. “We determined that it was not specific enough,” says Wojciech Lekki, the studio co-founder. They had a spin.

EXOR started out as a group of pupils working on mods. The origins of this company return to 2003, when they had been producing maps for StarCraft and Age of Empires. Following that, they began working with Gamelion Studios on cellular games. Finally, they left to launch their own studio, discharging a Half-Life complete conversion mod, and then the feverish vehicular action game, Zombie Driver.

That history of modding and complete conversions, that skill to observe a match and envision the way an entirely new adventure could be carved from it, goes a very long way to explain why what was formerly a twin-stick shot now has a complete other tactical tower defense coating. This was the spin Lekki and his colleagues were searching for.


Needless to say, turning the match into a hybrid produced a brand new batch of barriers that the group would have to conquer. There were balancing problems, as the programmers tried to find out how towers could socialize with all enemy vehicles, and also just how strong the boat controlled by gamers, among those twin-stick shot’s holdovers, are. The controllers needed to be redesigned too.

“One of the challenges has been getting the controls directly, so gamers can set the towers intuitively on the gamepad and onto keyboard and mouse,” Lekki describes. “This is kind of crucial since in most tower defense matches, the player points and clicks using the mouse, but using X-Morph: Defense, you fly and construct towers with your boat. This took a great deal of time and iterations to make it right.” Basically, X-Morph’s boat is a really dangerous cursor.

Battle plans

Despite introducing new mechanisms and seeking to unite two disparate genres, the stream of X-Morph still ought to be quite recognizable to tower defense aficionados.

“You property, and you start with all the build up stage,” Lekki states. “You get a few funds, and you’ll be able to see where instructions the enemies will be attacking youpersonally, and what sort of enemies they are, and that means you must organize your shield, put down a few towers, construct a maze, and ruin some buildings to slow them down. Whenever you have your towers set, you hit the start button, and then the mayhem starts”

It is during those actions phases at which the twin-stick shot wrinkles can be viewed. Together with protecting towers, there is a whole lot of shooting and uncontrollable devastation. Lekki even notes that a participant with great shooting skills can compensate for a “feeble tower arrangement” by attacking enemies until they become a hazard. And there are additional, marginally sneakier, approaches to take charge of the battle.

“If you do not need a bridge in a specific region, you can ruin it,” Lekki points outside. “You can ruin a building, it is going to collapse in your enemy’s route, and they’ll need to change their path. You may destroy pretty much anything from the sport.” Falling buildings may also squash unsuspecting foes. Laser fences could be put, also, funneling enemies involving traps and or corridors of passing. Intermissions involving waves of enemies provide players infinite time to make whatever kind of devious setups they could envision.


Tower shield mode, survival mode and much more

X-Morph: Defense started on Steam in the end of August, but Lekki and the group continue to operate on it. They are not the only ones. Considering that the studio’s history, a map editor was a must, but Lekki admits that it is difficult to come to grips with. Tutorials are being made that will hopefully

Create the production process simpler, and Steam Workshop service is on the cards also.

DLC, with new maps and finish level supervisors — giant robots made to shield Earth from the alien invasion gamers are a part of — are still in evolution, but Lekki also wishes to expand the match with more manners.

“We’ll be incorporating a pristine tower defense manner in the very close to future. We’ve got a whole lot of lovers who tell us they are not that interested in the shooting, but they’re interested in the tower defense facet, thus we’ll do another game style that does not require any shooting in any way.”

A survival mode, where gamers will have to confront against endless waves of arbitrary enemies, has been proposed too. Both modes will probably be liberated. Lekki needs DLC to have additional things like fresh maps, while totally free upgrades include more core attributes.

It has been an experiment with loads of challenges, but Lekki feels like it is completely repaid. With gamers now needing a pristine tower defense manner, the choice to present this additional, strategic coating was vindicated.