The Seoul Dynasty is just one of those 12 Overwatch League squads, KSV Esports International declared today, providing us a better image of what Blizzard Entertainment’s professional scene will look like because of the online group shot.

KSV purchased among those franchises for an estimated $20 million within a wager which esports will become as rewarding as conventional sports. Competitive gaming is forecast to rise to $1.5 billion by 2020, based on market researcher Newzoo.

“We are excited about the title and the branding. For all of us, ‘Dynasty’ has many vital significance,” explained KSV CEO Kevin Chou stated in a meeting with GamesBeat. “We are an worldwide firm. We wish to pay homage to the past Korean dynasty, the Joseon Dynasty that created Seoul as the capital. Dynasty includes a sports context, about how we would like to construct a dynasty at Overwatch. We acquired a group named Lunatic-Hai, which was the dominant group in Korea.”

Chou and Kent Wakeford spent decades assembling Kabam into a mobile gaming giant and promoting it (in components) for at least $800 million into Netmarble and Fox. They then purchased the right to a franchise of Blizzard Entertainment’s league at South Korea, a hotbed for esports.



Seoul Dynasty’s emblem has a tiger and a contemporary stylized royal twist, which signifies courage, strength, and great fortune. On November 18, the group will disclose its final roster for the Overwatch League next year, and it’ll announce more about investments it will make in the team.

Arnold Hur, the former president of South Korean beauty products firm Memebox, has united Seoul Dynasty as chief growth officer.

“He’ll be responsible for the earnings of the firm,” Chou said. “We are figuring out just how much revenue will be driven by ticket sales, media rights, sponsorships, and winnings. We plan to construct a connection with our lovers and Arnold will be in control of it.”

Chou stated he was pleased with the way the Overwatch League is growing, with a great deal of varied ownership interests like Robert Kraft, chairman and chief executive officer of the Kraft Group and the New England Patriots at Boston.

Before this week, the Immortals group declared its Overwatch League team in Los Angeles will be called the Los Angeles Valiant. And Robert Kraft, the owner of this New England Patriots, along with his team declared the name of Boston’s group: the Uprising.