HAcktag is a asymmetrical co-op game about infiltration and industrial sabotage in another world where all the individuals are animals. Both online and local multiplayer can be found, as well as the amounts are procedurally created. It is the introduction of French indie studio Piece of Cake Studios, also it entered early access on PC in June earlier this season.

It is the year 2029, and you and your spouse are charged with breaking into large corporations and stealing info. To accomplish this, 1 person takes the use of the field representative, and the other one is your hacker. I played a couple of rounds with Piece of Cake cofounder Bérenger Dupré in the independent festival IndieCade before this month. We exchanged off as area representative and hacker, and every role had parallel challenges and skills.

“I love to say that you are likely to be Tom Cruise, and I’m likely to be Simon Pegg — just like in Mission Impossible — and we are going to shout at each other throughout the assignment when everything does not go right,” said Dupré while we played.

You are both on exactly the identical map, however, the area agent physically roams about and sneaks past guards while the consumer moves across electric lines within the walls and hides out of patrolling antiviruses. Since the hacker, you need to unlock digital doors to the area representative, and additionally, the broker must hack firewalls so that the hacker is able to move freely to some brand new place. Additionally, it has minigames where both players need to work with each other to proceed.


Hacktag has three unique levels at this time, each according to a true company. Dupré claims that Piece of Cake enjoys poking fun in firms, but there is also a deeper narrative where you are able to decide what to do with all the information you have stolen. As an example, you can choose to be a whistleblower, or you may just sell the information for money.

“For the last match, we will have a narrative mode with nine distinct stories, three to every company,” said Dupré. “When you play with a spouse, you won’t have exactly the identical narrative. You will follow your story and the narrative of your spouse. The amusing thing isthat every narrative — every company has their own policies and their own keys, but you will also satisfy your very own special NPCs.”

Hacktag does not contain any battle. On the contrary, it’s more about stealth. If one of you’re captured by a guard or an anti virus, you will be sent to a holding cell. Your spouse has a limited quantity of time to come rescue you, and if they fail, then the assignment’s over.

Piece of Cake is a 10-person studio which plans on just producing co-op games, which Dupré believes are making a comeback. He states that there is only demand for those kinds of games and that they’re in part accountable for the achievement of their Nintendo Switch, that recently included charmingly cartoony names such as Overcooked and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime to its catalogue.

Hacktag also includes a vibrant aesthetic with animals rather than humans. Dupré states that they chose to really go for that appearance since it is more welcoming to get a wider demographic.

“We chose to create it like that since the majority of the time, stealth games are all about white dudes with firearms,” said Dupré. “It’s quite militaristic, very thick, very dark. Or, it is ninjas or hitmen. We enjoyed the concept of a game that is fun for couples to play together, for combined gamers, or possibly a father who plays Lego games with his children and would like to play with a more hardcore match — but nevertheless with his kids.”