Ayo: A Rain Tale is a mission for water and survival in sub-Saharan Africa. It’s the presentation from Lebanese independent studio Inkline Games, who needs to sparkle a light on a continuous helpful emergency that influences a large number of individuals. It will be accessible for PC and Mac on November 9.

An absence of clean drinking water endangers 319 million individuals in sub-Saharan Africa, as per the not-for-profit The Water Project, which attempts to address water shortage in those groups. It has immense implications on wellbeing, sanitation, and training, as kids miss many schooldays since they’ve fallen sick from water-related sicknesses like cholera. The Water Project likewise takes note of that 72 percent of the individuals who are sent to bring water are young ladies and ladies, harming their chances to go to class and to work. In Inkline’s amusement, you play one of these young ladies, Ayo, who needs to overcome unforgiving situations and foes to enable her family to survive.

“Computer games can possibly viably decipher and recreate distinctive sorts of physical and enthusiastic encounters,” said Inkline organizer and official maker Ghaith Fleifel in an email to GamesBeat. “This lighted the subject of for what reason not utilize this medium to decipher an affair that clients may interface with on a compassionate level, and raise individuals’ mindfulness about cruel substances. Since water is a fundamental human right, and an imperative asset significant for the survival and improvement of groups, the issue of water shortage in various districts the world over introduced itself as the most squeezing and essential reason to help.”

Fleifel and his group were enlivened by investigate they did on the emergency in sub-Saharan Africa, and they needed to impart the truth of the critical circumstance. Be that as it may, they were additionally aware of adjusting the instructive parts of the diversion alongside amusement incentive to draw the players into Ayo’s reality.

“We knew at an early stage that Ayo: A Rain Tale should recount a true story in a legendary account, where Ayo’s adventure would take an unforeseen turn, in the long run driving her to recover her privilege of water from Ja, the electrical storm bull dwelling in his legendary domain,” said Fleifel. “The adjust was safeguarded in the diversion’s substance by outlining the characters and conditions on the genuine sub-Saharan culture and setting.”

In spite of the fact that Ja is the essential adversary, Ayo likewise goes head to head against different adversaries in her journey. These are additionally given a legendary flavor, however they’re founded on the genuine risk that individuals confront.

“Ladies and kids are inclined to various sorts of threats while on their water bringing trips, and to have the capacity to interpret their experience, we alluded to the sub-Saharan setting and culture for motivation while picking the foes that Ayo faces,” said Fleifel. “Be that as it may, we infused a legendary contort to the appearances, practices and assaults of the foes to initiate an alternate passionate involvement in the player when confronting every creature.”

In spite of the fact that this is Inkline’s first diversion, it’s now thinking ahead to future ventures. Fleifel says that they need to investigate more approaches to make titles around philanthropic emergencies and circumstances around the globe.

“To give a voice to philanthropic battles, we trust we will have the capacity to give additional time and assets to make more amusements that would reveal insight into various all inclusive causes by allowing the player to encounter those battles through an emblematic, intelligent, and pleasant gameplay encounter,” said Fleifel.