The greatest standoff this fall may not include Call of Duty or Battlefield. No, this faceoff is between Destiny 2 PC and … Destiny 2 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Bungie (you know, that little studio known for making Halo) is leading a beta test on its exceedingly expected online shooter, and GamesBeat PC Gaming supervisor Jeff Grubb is persuaded that it looks, runs, and plays best on a PC, not a PS4 or Xbox One. How solid is this feeling? He even needs every one of you — and your companions — to sit out the reassure dispatch one week from now and sit tight for it to hit Blizzard Entertainment’s on October 24.

That is quite a while to hold up, however he trusts Destiny 2 is an uncommon diversion. Activision constructed a gigantic measure of buildup behind the first’s September 2014 discharge date, and its absence of stuff to do (among different issues) turned into an issue for players, and this heightened at the endgame. The principal extension tended to a large number of its greatest warts, and Activision and Bungie guarantee that the spin-off will dispatch without those issues.

Obviously, another inquiry looms: Will people quit playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds sufficiently long to try and notice Destiny?

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– Jason Wilson, GamesBeat overseeing editorial manager

P.S. Jeff implores you: Wait for Destiny 2 on PC. See why you ought to consider his supplication.

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