How goes the rehabilitation, inmate?


Great Smile Co. are having some fantastic luck with the cool-looking gaming memorabilia right now. Joining their inventory of Persona stock this week are P5’s Velvet Room colleagues, the exceptional twin prison guards; Justine and Caroline.

Caroline, is the cooler, grumpier of the matching, showing up here with her hair in buns and a savage smile on her sensitive slashes. Justine, as the great cop, looks somewhat more coy. The two ladies are painted in hues intended to precisely mirror the tones of their in-amusement partners. The model stands a little more than six inches.

Those social event Persona merchandise are most likely no outsider to its generally high cost, and that is great, in light of the fact that these ladies are no exemption. Accessible to pre-arrange at this moment, Justine and Caroline are valued at ¥12,800, or around $119, excluding transportation or any traditions charges.

Justine and Caroline are accessible to pre-arrange now at the Good Smile Co. site. Pre-arranges close on May 17, with the figure booked for conveyance in August.